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One of the UK's Top Ten Dance Schools
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Student Performance Company
Your chance to get on stage

Now also open in Henley

'Natalie is great fun, very focused and clearly puts a lot of preparation in to her classes. She communicates well and even gives homework for the train or in the lift! Definitely easy to recommend.'

Gavin Adult Dancer

Founded by Natalie Hunt

Also teaching at:

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MamparaDance Youth • Adult • Schools

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Active Body Collective Fitness

London Roses Cheerleaders

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Student Performances Company

What We're All About!

'Mampara Dance Company was set up to give amateur dancers of all ages the chance to perform and experience the thrilling feeling of appearing on a professional stage for real audiences.

Training can be attended recreationally too, but I have taken those students that wish to, to perform on theatre stages, on television and at National sports events.  In an age of limited in person opportunity, our base at LAMDA - in the old Royal Ballet School studios - has ensured our continuing ability to offer performance opportunities at their Sainsbury Theatre, together with in person classes that are also all live streamed through zoom for those unable to be in the studio with us. 

And for those dancers who are happiest out of the spotlight, classes are warm and welcoming and pressure free.  There's a place for everyone on show day and if you don't want to be on stage you can run the show back stage!'

Founder Natalie Hunt:

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