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Dance & Cheerleading Camp

Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Stunts, Jazz, Cheerleading, Contemporary, Show Time!

Dance and gymnastics are a fantastic way of helping youngsters develop self confidence, communication and listening skills, discipline, creative thinking, team work, health and fitness awareness, positivity, musicality, coordination, strength and so much more.  Every camp covers conditioning and flexibility, jazz, contemporary, commercial and pom dance, gymnastics, cheerleading stunts and performance skills, with a show at the end!


2020 dates on hold.

Ages: For ages 5yrs - 14yrs, split into groups based on age, ability and where possible, friendship groups.

Example Daily Schedule

9:30am  -10:15am:  Warm up, conditioning & flexibility 

10:15am- 11:00am: Stunts

11:00am-11:10am:  Break time


11:10am-12:00pm:  Hip Hop & Commercial Dance

12:00pm-12:30pm:  Gymnastics


12:30pm -1:00pm:   Lunch

1:00pm  -1:20pm:    Concepts of Choreography

1:20pm - 2:00pm:    Contemporary Dance / Jazz Dance  


2:00pm - 2:10pm:    Break

2:10pm - 2:45pm:     Jazz Dance / Contemporary Dance

2:45pm - 3:00pm:     Daily revision and recap

3:00pm:                   Carriages Home

Natalie Hunt - Camp Director

Previous Guest Teachers:

What Does Camp Cover?


  • Full group warm up and dance sessions bringing all students together at the start of each day.

  • This will be followed by smaller group work divided both by ability and where possible friendship groups

  • Individuals will develop an understanding of warm up, strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to help them develop the correct technique for dance and cheerleading.

  • Safety and injury prevention techniques will be introduced for safe dance, cheer and stunt practice.

  • Individuals will build up skills over the four days ready for a display at the end of camp. 

  • Rehearsals and training will be filmed for Individual video analysis and feedback.

  • Concepts of choreography will also be introduced including formations, transitions, canons, levels, directions, dynamics, motifs and variations.

  • Group work will help individuals develop interpersonal skills, team work, diplomacy, compromise and creativity as well as self recognition and development.

  • Awards and certificates.

What to bring:          


  • Comfortable, stretchy legins, shorts or dance trousers. 

  • Close fitting comfortable dance style tops, vests, fitted T-shirts etc. 

  • Light soled, clean and flexible trainers or dance shoes.

  • Hair neatly tied up off face and out of eyes without any stray strands

  • Costumes for show time: dance clothing in black, gold and green

  • Show time shoes: plain black footwear is preferable wherever possible

  • Packed lunch, snacks and drinks

  • Pen & note pad

Please note:  Rough and heavy soled shoes and trainers are unsuitable for stunting or tumbling. Hair is to be neatly tied back throughout the day.

For any further details please contact camp organiser Natalie Hunt:

Mobile 07866 833040   •   Email:

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