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Cheerleading With The London Roses

The Jets • The Spitfires • The Hurricanes 

Adult Cheer

We run flexible classes for students who wish to train either recreationally or for performance and competition.  With our very own cheer academies in Barnes / Hammersmith and Fulham we have excellent facilities with professional grade gymnastic mats, mirrors and high ceilings. 

RECREATION - Open Weekly Classes

A high energy, athletic and engaging team activity, you'll make life long friends, build confidence and improve fitness.  Every session starts with conditioning and flexibility before moving on to dance, gymnastics and stunts.  We usually follow training with a social, heading out for a drink at one of our local pubs.


Our weekly open sessions focus on content and skills that will be pieced together in additional training sessions for those who wish to perform and compete.  Typically this will require one weekend afternoon a month in the run up to competition.  We compete termly at National Competitions and have performed at The London Oval, for England Basketball, for The London Warriors, the RFC, The London Marathon, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and more... 



Cheerleading combines a wide range of skills in a team based activity in which there is a place for everyone - for great dancers, for strong bases, for tiny flyers, for powerful tumblers.  It's athletic, exciting and all inclusive involving stunts, pyramids, gymnastic tumble passes, jumps and dance.  Started in the USA as a male only sport, with four past US Presidents having been on University cheerleading teams, it is now the fastest growing sport in the UK.  Soon to become an Olympic Sport, it facilitates relationships between athletes of all ages as the variety in height and build is required for the many varied aspects of a cheerleading routine. 


It is excellent for fitness, for building confidence and for making friends.  It's high energy, high spirited and collaborative, demanding focus, commitment and team work.  And it's brilliant! 

We have recreational training for athletes that just enjoy the weekly sessions, performance teams for sports and charity events and competition teams who go to National and Regional events every term.  We have school clubs and holiday camps and workshops throughout the year.

Adult Cheer DTS

Dance, Gymnastics, Stunts

• Dance Classes:

Cheerleading uses elements of dance drawn from Commercial Dance, Jazz Dance and it's very own dance genre, Pom Dance.  Fantastic fun and great for core strength and cardio stamina, dance training improves expression, stage presence, flexibility, strength, confidence and posture.  We cover safe cardio warm up and stretch techniques, conditioning, flexibility and technique exercises.

• Stunt Classes:

Stunt training works for stunts from level 0-4.  Stunts are elements of a routine in which one person (the flyer) is lifted by one or more people beneath them (the bases).  Challenging and fun, students of all abilities and builds love stunting, which involves precise team work so the whole group synchronises exact timing for a stunt to hit.  Excellent for building strength, there is a place for everyone in a stunt group, from tall backs and strong bases to tight and strong flyers.

• Gymnastics Classes:

With top level (5/6) BGU gymnastics coaches on staff, cheerleading gymnastics focuses on the tumble elements of gymnastics and will put all students through their paces.  We help athletes progress from basic inversions and forward rolls, through cartwheels to handsprings, standing and running tumble passes and everything in between. 

Adult Cheer flex & core

Conditioning & Flexibility

• Flexibility:

Flexibility is the key to a healthy, well aligned body that maximises your performance in dance and sports disciplines and protects it from injury and health problems.  Our mobility is constantly impacted by our working habits as we hunch over computers and from tightening of our muscles from other activities such as running.  Stretching helps to elongate our muscles which otherwise tend to bulk up when we exercise, making this part of class the perfect aid to over all condition, body comfort and long elegant limbs.  We use strengthening exercises in our stretch routines to help us control and protect our mobility, be it supporting our backs in stunts or hitting our jumps and kicks. 

• Conditioning:

The foundation of all good grounded dance technique comes from great core strength and body control.  Incorporated into all our training is a 15 minute power blast of conditioning using a variety of disciplines to build our strength, from low impact work to HIIT bursts, combining dance cardio, Barre concepts, body conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, ballet, weights, core HIIT and more.

Recreation • Competition • Performance • Social

• Recreation:

Athletes do not have to join our performance and competition teams but are welcome to enjoy training and classes for the personal gains of fitness, fun, friend making and confidence building.

• Performance & Competition:

All athletes, whatever level, are given the opportunity to perform and compete should they wish to.  These have previously included a performance on TV with Davina Mccall and as the official performance squad for England Basketball's Cup Final matches.  Similarly we compete at regional and national competitions throughout the year often placing top three.  Other performances have included for The London Marathon, at The London Oval, for The RFC, on BBC, ITV and in The West End.  

• Social:

Cheerleading is such a close collaborative activity with precision timing and group work, often close, long lasting friendships are born between athletes in London from around the world.  Some of our best friends have been made since joining the squad and have last for years, through hen dos, weddings and babies, new jobs, moves abroad and everything else life has to throw at us.  We are a warm, friendly and welcoming club that work hard and play hard together and we're looking forward to meeting you!

Rec and Comp
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