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Parties & Birthdays 

"Thank you so much for helping me learn the dance to 'Happy' I had so much fun doing it and it was really fun to do it with your dance team. They are all really friendly :) thank you again so so so so so so so so so so so much!  P.S. i still have the song an the dance stuck in my head.  P.P.S. i learnt how to do the splits in both ways "


13 year old Bar Mitzvah Party



"My daughter attended the week long holiday course last summer in Barnes and enjoyed it so much she asked for a dance party for her 9th birthday. All the girls loved it and were nicely worn out before moving on to Pizza Express where behaviour was impeccable!"


Claire Rulten & Izzy,

Birthday Party 

Wedding Dances
"Discovering Natalie wasn't only one of our wedding day highlights, it was THE highlight of wedding planning. We had absolutely zero clue about our first dance, we couldn't even pick a song. Natalie was amazing at listening, getting to know us and choreographing the most perfect routine to reflect our personalities and style. She's an incredibly dedicated teacher, caring coach and a sensational dancer." 


Tanya Maher



"My husband and I wanted to dance choreography for our first wedding dance. We were beginners but loved to dance and wanted to give it a go. We fortunately found Natalie three months prior to our wedding; and she was an absolute gem to work with.  Had it not been for her motivation and dedication we probably would not have been able to make such an impact on our big day. 


We got married in Castello di Vincigliata in Florence on the 29th September 2013, and one of our wedding highlights was dancing to our wedding song. Leading up to the big day, we did private lessons with Natalie once a week for the first month, and then we scaled it up to 2 lessons per week. Dancing after a busy day at work was a wonderful way to forget all the wedding stress and re-connect with my husband.


Natalie is an absolutely brilliant teacher and inspired us to not only perform on our wedding day but, actually continue to do the dance afterwards. So now every Wednesday my husband I do classes with Natalie. I should also mention that as expecting parents we are now enjoying dancing with a new addition on the way!"


Stephanie Waismann and Emad Kakakhel, Wedding Students



"We had an idea to do a hip hop style dance with some friends for our wedding as an alternative to a traditional first dance. None of us had any experience of dancing but Natalie's enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as her ability to be flexible within our requirements, gave us confidence that we could do it. We learnt the dance over a weekend six weeks before our wedding. We were really impressed with how pragmatic Natalie was in adapting the choreography to make it work for us given our mixed levels of ability. Natalie worked us really hard but we all had great fun making it a weekend to remember. On the day the dance was a great success. It was a complete surprise to our guests and we were showered with compliments. We would definitely recommend Natalie to any couple wanting to try something fun and different for their first dance. Thank you so much Natalie!"


Laura McCullagh and David Araya, Wedding Students

Adult Dance 

"We started classes with Natalie last October and have been attending every week since!  We absolutely love Natalie's teaching style, balancing fun, encouragement and discipline.  We learn everything about the dance, from its tough technique and sublte variations. The class is absolutley the highlight of our week!"


Jessica and Charles, Students

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Stretch-n-Core class this evening.  Natalie's kind instructions helped me get the most out of the class despite the fact that I'm not very flexible (at all!).  Will definitely go again :)
Matt, student
"I've recently joined classes on Wednesday evenings in Parsons Green, having had some lessons in the past and coming back after a year. Nats' teaching is a real pleasure for me as an intermediate and improving dancer.  She's really committed to making the class fun for all abilities, but it's notable how I am being brought forward while also being required to hone and concentrate on honing my basic technique.
While others are learning their first steps my overall skills are being strengthened with guidance on finer points. Her ability to productively manage groups with varying abilities is a real surprise and is ahead of other classes I've been to.  She's also great fun, very focused and clearly puts a lot of preparation in to her classes. She communicates well and even gives homework for the train or in the lift! Definitely easy to recommend."
Gavin, Student
"I was blown away at how much Natalie taught me in just one session, not to mention how much I enjoyed being stretched beyond what I expected to do.Natalie has it all. Charisma, wit, drive, and talent. And we're all better because of her."
Colby Hanks, Student
Children's Dance Classes


"My 2 daughters (7 & 9 yrs) attends Nathalie's dance class in Barnes on Thursdays. They have learnt so much since the start last year and they love the class.  Yesterday was Easter show time - and the performances form the girls was amazing! Well done all of you - and well done Nathalie!"


Caroline, Alexandra & Madison, Children's Dance Students & Proud Mummy

Private Events


"We organized a can can dance evening for some lovely ladies and Natalie was our brilliant teacher. The evening was energetic and so much fun! Natalie pushed us to do thing we never though was possible!


Phew!... High kicks, frilly skirts and lots of laughter! We would highly recommend to use Natalie for any dance event - she is great! Thank you for a fabolous evening!" 


Mrs.Sw13 - Caroline & Lisa

Schools - Hero Movement


"Mampara Dance were a breath of fresh air!  I receive emails from performing arts organisations virtually every day of the week, and have a limited budget.  It was fantastic to hear from a company who have industry backgrounds and a keen understanding of a range of educational issues.  They tailored their workshop to suit our students, who had a great time, and lots of lively discussion afterwards!  Booking any outside company is always a risk, but I would have Mampara Dance back whenever I could.  They were a highlight of our students' year."


Matthew Nichols, Director of Drama, Manchester Grammar School.

Historical Workshops


"Mampara dance held fan flirtation workshops at the British Library for their 'Georgians Revealed' Late.


It was without a doubt the most popular workshop, everyone absolutely loved it. Natalie was engaging and wonderful to watch and the audience had an interactive and fun history lesson."


Oliver Gerrish,

The Georgian Group, Young Georgians, Edmonds & Gerrish

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