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Twentieth Century Dances:

Edwardian, 1920s, Charleston, Show Girls, Lindy Hop, Swing Dance, Rock n Roll, Disco and more.

1930s Dancers With Marching Band - Majorettes Style

Live marching band flash mob with Fosse style 1930s-1960s

1900s; Fulham Palace Edwardian Garden Party

Guests enjoyed classes & performances of rag time dances from the 1900s-20s 

1920s Charleston; Kensington Palace Rolls Royce Party


A fun and fabulous meet and greet for guest with an interactive 1920s Charleston demonstration

1940s-50s Rock-n-Roll, Jive & Swing


A great upbeat era with fantastic music!  Great for performance, demonstration and guest participation! 

1920s Dancers & Band 

Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Party & The Hippodrome Swing Club

1920s Charleston; Public Workshop


Barnes Fair Guests enjoyed a 1920s dance class 

1940s-50s; Swing Dance and Lindy Hop Dance Performance - Live Music

Performances of Lindy Hop dances at The London Hippodrome from the 1940s-50s 

1950s; Westfield Christmas Parade


1950s Rock n Roll & Lindy Hop Christmas performance 

1940s-50s; Swing Dance and Lindy Hop Dance Class - Live Music

Guests enjoyed classes & performances of Lindy Hop dances from the 1940s-50s 

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