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Cheerleading Trainer Guide

With our lovely gymnastic mats we have strict rules on indoor only shoes and here's my guide on the best to get:


A typical cheer trainer is white, thin soled and smooth bottomed. Kaepa is my preferred mid price brand (Nfinity is premium), but something like this Butterfly shoe is great and affordable too.  Living Cheer options are here.

You do not have to spend a fortune on shoes, but should you wish to invest then either the above or something that looks similar but isn’t necessarily a cheer shoe is the best investment.

Main attributes:

WHITE: All white (Kaepa have removable colour triangles that can be added to match team colours - but they ARE all white!)
THIN / FLEXIBLE: So that they can point toes and push through their feet to gain power in their gymnastic tumbles (cartwheels etc)
FIRM: It might be split sole on some shoes but it is still solid so that when the girls are standing in their teammate’s hands they have a stable platform
SMOOTH: When moving the flyer from a load in hold to a standing hold we need to move our hand grip under the bottom of the shoe without catching on rough treds

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 10.14.45.png
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