PSHE & Hero Movement 

Master Classes With Leading Professional Performers

Discovering The Hero Qualities That Make Us 

PSHE & Hero Movement 

Master Classes With Leading Professional Performers

Discovering The Hero Qualities That Make Us

Attaining PSHE Targets with Hero Movement 

Hero Movement can assist the development of the 3 core PSHE themes of Health and Wellbeing; Relationships; Living in the Wider World.  Through one to one / group discussion & decision making, we incorporate movement based exercises incorporating:


  • speaking, listening, taking turns

  • relating points to what has gone before

  • considering different view points

  • extending ideas in light of discussion

  • explaining reasons for their opinions & suggestions 


Creative choreography projects help individuals develop confidence, responsibility and an ability to make the most of personal abilities whilst developing good relationships & respecting the differences between people.  


Developments include:


  •  self esteem, confidence, self respect so as to empower pupils for better independent learning 

  •  self examination, learning from experiences, recognition of strengths and positive feelings about the self

  •  tolerance and understanding of others 

  •  kindness, good manners, tone of interaction and how to share their opinions and views

  •  to recognise, name and deal with their feelings in a positive way

  •  to recognise how their behaviour affects others

  •  setting of simple goals and steps to achieve these

  •  comfort with independence, team work, to take and share responsibility, to delegate and receive instruction and to ask for help when needed

  •  to listen to others and build effective social relationships with other children and adults 

  •  understanding of the importance of team units 

  •  to recognise and respect differences and similarities between people & how these impact actions 

  •  understanding of the importance of equality within a group 

  •  the ability to respect a majority decision

  •  understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle 


Our work also cross references other syllabus subjects, identifying the traits of the "heroic" within topics including science, maths, literature, history, geography & politics, as stylistic themes for each choreography. Through themed movement styles we look at the historical, political and geographical context of the "hero", exploring the experiences of men and women within those areas and the impact on neighbouring and future contexts.  A discussion on heroes from science might lead to a dance themed by space, or looking at heroes of politics we might build a piece based on control and freedom, for example.

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