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Dance Classes

At Mampara Dance we run dance, gymnastics and fitness classes under our sister brand  Active Body Collective, online and in our West London fitness studios in Fulham and at LAMDA, Sadler's Wells and the Urdang Academy.






We run two student performance companies for shows & competitions

Mampara Dance Performance Company:

Performing every year at central London's Cadogan Hall and LAMDAs Sainsbury Theatre, plus ITV, the BBC and much more.  

The BCA championship winning London Roses Cheerleading Squad:

Competing nationally and performing for the RFC, England Basketball, The London Warriors and other events.  

Dance It Out

Dance Classes

Commercial Dance

Jazz & Lyrical Dance

Ballet & Ballet Pointe

Pom Dance & Cheerleading Stunts

Theatre Performance


Argentine Tango & SwingTrain

Train Like A Dancer

The Barre Sculpt


Dance Based

Fitness & Flexibility:


Strength conditioning and low impact cardio  with stretch, flexibility and flow sequences


Drawn from:

Ballet, Pilates, yoga, body weight conditioning, resistance and weight training, and dance

Body & Mind

Wellness Classes



Stretch & Release

Foam Rolling & 
Myofascial Release  

Adult Dance Classes

Dance for all moods...

Dance Classes

Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz, Commercial, Cheerleading, Pom Dance, Stunts.


Jazz &

Commercial Jazz

An energetic and lively style, jazz and jazzfunk are a fun and creative way to build dance skills and technique.  Combining elements of strength, technique and control from ballet, theatricality and razzle dazzle of Musical Theatre and the upbeat funk of street dance you won't even realise you're working out!

Commercial Dance

A full body cardio jam, drawing on the funkiest routines from MTV to build rhythm and coordination. This fun-filled session breaks down the steps for each week's routine, covering both the basics and more challenging moves, encouraging you to let go and have fun.  A total body conditioning workout that's too much fun to notice!

Ballet &

Ballet Pointe Work

BALLET: Ballet is a beautiful discipline that helps you sculpt and tone, strengthen and stretch, whilst learning the graceful art and science of ballet.  Learn the foundations of this timeless dance with barre technique exercises, centre adagio and allegro work and beautiful relaxing reverence. Sculpt graceful lines, improve all over body strength, flexibility, elegance and posture, reinvigorate your energy through the joy of classical ballet movement. 


POINTE: For dancers with some experienced on pointe we offer pointe classes to strengthen technique, starting with a resistance band warm up before moving into pointe exercises. 

Cheerleading Pom

Cheerleading Stunts

POM: A fantastic cardio, conditioning and strength programme, Pom dance helps you improve stamina, shred calories, increase flexibility, and tone every area of the body. Class covers a cardio warm up, strengthening, conditioning and flexibility exercises, fun cheer dance routines and an optional jump and tumble section.


STUNTS: An open stunt training session working through level 1-4 stunts. Open to all - be it a new class to you or if you're already hooked but unable to commit to a full time comp team training schedule.  A fantastic strengthening class

"This is a very energetic and dynamic dance and fitness class. We get to do full body stretching as well as core building (planks, push ups, and crunches). Intense but always fun, you leave the class in a good mood!"        

Ludivine Costanzo

"I joined Natalie's fitness class 7 months ago and I haven't looked back! Her classes are always fun and well structured, but also push you to your limits.  I can safely say I have not only improved my fitness but also my confidence whilst making friends along the way. I would recommend her class to anyone!"

Francesca Hughes

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.28.56.png

Train like a dancer....

Barre Sculpt Classes

For all over body strength and flexibility.

Sculpt and tone from top-to-toe with this programme designed to boost your metabolism and help you achieve long lean graceful lines.  Build all over body strength and tone, burn calories, increase flexibility, improve posture and balance, reduce injury risk and decrease pain from muscle imbalance as you encourage lean long muscles and graceful limbs, invigorate your energy and focus, and relax into it’s new leaner self.  

Firm and burn as you stretch and tone whilst developing elegant posture and a slim, strong silhouette.

  • low impact barre cardio

  • ballet barre and flexibility exercises

  • body weight conditioning and resistance and weight training

  • floor barre for glute and core conditioning

  • deep stretch and release 

Barre Ballet Sculpt

Train like a dancer with this class focused on ballet barre technique, low impact cardio training and floor barre for glute and core conditioning.

Barre Body Sculpt

Everything you love about Barre blended with body weight conditioning and resistance and weigh training - with a Barre twist.  Shake and burn heaven.

Barre Signature Sculpt

Barre Ballet and Body Sculpt Combo - barre conditioning, resistance training, body weight conditioning, floor barre and core sculpt - for a full body work out. 

Floor Barre & Sculpt

A mat based version of your favourite class applying ballet technique to floor exercises for glute and core conditioning.  Gain all the strength and sculpt benefits of training like a dancer whilst focusing deeply on technique.  

Stretch 3.jpg

Improve mobility & reduce pain....

Flexibility & Stretch Classes

Enhance alignment, posture, performance.


Flexibility is the key to a healthy, well aligned body that maximises your performance in other dance and sports disciplines and helps protects you from injury.  Whether you're mobility is restricted from hunching over a laptop every day, your muscles are tight from sports such as running, or you need to hit your splits in dance or martial arts, these classes are invaluable to overall well being.  Stretching also helps elongate your muscles which otherwise tend to bulk up when we exercise making it the perfect aid to over all condition, body comfort and elegance.    

We build strengthening exercises into our classes to help you control and protect your mobility,

be it supporting your back or lifting those developpes.

Stretch & Release

A relaxing class with deep static stretches and gentle dynamic movement to help you release pain and tension and gain mobility and strength​.

Flex & Flow

A relaxing class with deep static stretches and gentle dynamic movement to help you release pain and tension and gain mobility and strength​.

Partner Stretch

Enjoy deeper and stronger releases with the benefit of a partner to help you maintain alignment and intensify range - a lovely class to take with a friend or family member. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.27.24.png

Body & Soul

From Wellbeing & Mindfulness to Bootcamps & PT sessions

Keeping a balanced and varied movement regime.

Vary your exercise for maximum results and the perfect balance; from the recentering and focused practices of Qi Gong & yoga to the all over body wipe out of a bootcamp or tailored PT session.


Strengthen and align the body with this low impact exercise class that will help improve posture, tone and flexibility through a focus on core strength and precise small movements. 


By targeting and isolating small muscle groups - often not reached in more explosive classes - you'll increase movement range, body condition, endurance and balance.


There are many different flavours of yoga, from mediative, to deep stretch to dynamic.  Working with a range of yoga partners there's something for everyone in the schedule.

From Dynamic Flow and Hatha to Vinyasa, foundational yoga postures are incorporated in a practice to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body.  Breathing technique and meditation can also be incorporated with classes based around slow simple flows or dynamic and rigorous full body workouts.

Personal Training & Bootcamp

Our PT and bootcamp sessions combine hard work and fun to help you hit your goals or top up your training.  Programmes can be fully tailored to include pure fitness - like HIIT, Cardio Box, Ab Blast, Kettle Smash -  and our dance fitness programme - Barre Sculpt, Yoga, Pilates, Flex & Flow - and fun accessible dance -from  commercial dance and jazz routines to dance cardio styles.  Select from or combine high energy and high intensity pure fitness, intensive but low impact dance technique based programmes, and dance or dance cardio sessions.  We end with a thorough flexibility and stretch practice, helping you relax, ease muscle pain, and encourage a lean sculpted silhouette and prevent you body becoming bulky.

Private Lessons
Swing, Lindy Hop & Charleston

Private Dance Lessons & Parties

Pop it, cheer it, rock or roll it! Mampara Dance will make your last single lady celebration or your special Birthday a dancelicious day! From Great Gatsby flapper parties and cheerleading pom-athons, to MTV Pop parades and Rock 'n' Roll groove outs, we've got the party like no other waiting for you. 

Lessons, Choreography & Performance: Be it romance, fun or a mastering of the basics we're here to help you create a unique and personal choreography for the most important dance you'll ever have. We'll help you choose your music, find your style and enjoy your day free of stress. Book a studio or a home visit.

Partner Dances:

Tango, Ballroom, Swing

From Swing to Argentine Tango, partner dances are a great way to free your body and mind and escape into a world of freedom and movement.  We work on the fundamental elements of technique, grounding, connection, communication, floor craft, etiquette, music and culture to give you confidence and make you a competent dancer.

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