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Historic & International Performances & Workshops

Historic Dance Styles For Event Performance

Lady Grey's create historic entertainment for festivals & historic properties across the UK

Specialists in historic dance styles including: Courtly Balls • Quadrilles • Polonaise • Can Can • Charleston • Swing • Rock 'n' Roll • Modern Jives

Some events we've worked on:

• Neo-Classical; Georgian Town House,Quadrille demonstration & guest Polonaise participation

• Cancan Workshop For Ladies Club

• 1940s-60s Marching Band & Majorettes, Live marching band flash mob with Fosse style 1940s-1960s

• Kew Palace Sleep Over, quadrille & polonaise class followed by performance for the king with Historic Royal Palaces

• British Library Living History, Georgian fan flirtation, neo-quadrilles, guest tableau & polonaise

Georgian; Kew Palace Sleep Over


Guest quadrille & polonaise class followed by presentation & performance for the king with Historic Royal Palaces 

Can Can; 1830s Cabaret 


Parisian period Can Can routine to Offenbach's infamous Can Can composition from the Moulin Rouge 

Charleston & 1920s Dancers


Great Gatsby show at The Savoy Hotel, London & The Libertine Club, Mayfair by Lady Greys 

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